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Baked and/or packaged product conveying

What comes out of the end of any baking line is the most important: the final product. All the care and use of high quality (Radilinq) equipment is paying off: bread (packaged or not).

The conveying of final products (hot or cold, packed or not) is a key expertise of Radilinq. After gently but reliably depanning the product, our conveyors bring it to the cooler and then to the packaging area. Although we do not do the packaging, we do convey to and from the packaging equipment.

The most used belt types for baked and/or packaged products are bar-belts or modular plastic belts.

Our product range also includes switches, 90° tranfer units and curves in all angles. This way we can bring, merge, separate all your baked and/or packaged product streams to wherever you need them.

The Radilinq baked and/or packaged product conveyors can be fixed or mobile. To keep them as light as possible but still sturdy and robust, we use strong aluminum profiles. 

Stand alone units can be supplied with a simple on/off/emergency stop control. However we can also provide a complete line control for a set of conveyors.

We can also provide additional conveyors for expansion or replacement.

Radilinq: the end result of your baking line in safe hands.