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Carrier conveying

Bakeries world-wide use a variety of carriers to move dough pieces through their production processes: pan-straps, flat baking trays, indented baking trays, peel-boards (plastic or wood). And all these carriers come in a wide range of designs, dimensions and shapes.

No matter what type of carrier you use in your bakery, Radilinq has the right type of conveyor to move carriers with dough pieces from the make-up to the proofer, to the oven, to the depanner, passing cleaning and back to the make-up.

Our conveyors come with any type of belt that is best suited for any part of the line: flat top belts (in stainless steel & plastic), bar belts, modular plastic belts, high friction belts, magnetic belts, temperature resistant belts, etc. You name it.

We provide straight sections (horizontal or sloped), curves (in any angle) and 90° transfer units (in various designs).

Furthermore, Radilinq provides programmable fixed position conveyors for underneath the dough piece dropping point of the make-up line. Cam conveyors or magnetic conveyors provide a precise and secure positioning of the carrier underneath the dough piece dropping point. 

Radilinq carrier conveyors also have various types of stoppers (front, side or bottom) and sensors (proximity, laser, etc.) to regulate the flow of carriers through the line. Our line control software directs the functioning of each conveyor section through these sensors & stoppers.

Hygienic design standards are the base of the simple but robust design of our conveyors: open structure, sloping surfaces, etc.

We can also provide additional conveyors for expansion or replacement in existing lines.

Radilinq: product carrier conveyors that do the job.