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After depanning the baked products from the baking tray or pan-strap, they need to be cooled. This is mostly done under ambient conditions. However, cooling with forced air flow (chilled/humidified or not) is also possible.  

Radilinq is specialized in 2 types of coolers for cooling baked products.

  • Continuous movement: race-track design.

The race-track design only refers to the shape of the cooler (and not the speed). This is a slow & gentle moving belt carrying the pan-straps, peel-boards or baking trays along a race-track shape. The proofer has different levels and can have an upward & a downward moving race-track. By controlling the speed of the belt, the cooling time and/or capacity are changed. It is a simple, low-tech and easy to maintain system.

Due to its light-weight construction, a race-track cooler can also hang from the ceiling. This way valuable floor space is freed (for instance to locate the packaging department.

  • Dis-continuous movement: step-style design.

This design uses height to minimize foot-print. Therefore, it is most suitable for buildings that have height and not a lot of floor space. The products are placed on open-grid carriers by the depanner. These cooling-carriers are then conveyed to the step-style cooler

The step-style cooler uses a pater-noster style movement. Carrier-supports are mounted on chains on each side of the cooling carriers. Several of them are accumulated on the infeed conveyor and are then lifted from the side by the carrier-supports.  The next set of cooling- carriers is then ready to pick up the next row. On the top of the upward ‘tower’ the carriers are moved horizontally to the downward moving ‘tower’. After leaving the cooler, the products are taken from the cooling carriers and transported to the packaging department. By controlling the time of movement of the carriers, the cooling time and/or capacity are changed. It is a cost-efficient and space-saving design.

Both designs have a very open structure which means that the air can flow freely through the complete cooler and around the products. This means that all the products are exposed to the same cooling effect and therefore have the same temperature when packaged.

Radilinq coolers: effective, simple and floor-space saving.