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Dry cleaning

For the dry cleaning of baking-trays, pan-straps and peel-boards, Radilinq turns to 3 tried-and-tested techniques:

  • Brushing.
    To loosen and remove dirt that sticks. The physical touching of dirt by the hairs of a brush in the right angle and position is both simple and effective.
  • Blowing.
    Air with the right speed, direction and turbulence moves & removes dirt to the dirt-collector.
  • Turning.
    Gravity works. Turning carriers up-side-down is a simple and effective to get rid of loose particles.

By using 1 or a combination of these 3 techniques, Radilinq dry cleaners can be adapted for each application and type of carrier. The cleaning complexity of each product carrier determines if 1 or all techniques must be used. For a flat peel-board, only bushing is enough. For a toast bread pan-strap, all 3 techniques are needed.

RadiLinQ dry cleaners are covered and have catch pans to make sure the dirt particles are not flying around when cleaning takes places. Covers are also used for noise reduction (especially in case blowing is used).

Our dry cleaners are stand-alone machines and can be fitted in existing lines as well as completely new lines.

Radilinq takes you carriers to the dry cleaners.