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Lidding & delidding

Toast bread requires a lid on the pan-strap. Radilinq has developed various concepts for the automation of the process of putting a lid on pan-straps after (or before) final proofing and taking the lid off the pan-strap before depanning 

The concept parameters for lidding:

  • Pick & place lidding. 
    1 or more pan-straps are stopped on a fixed, dedicated position. The delidder places a lid (taken from a fixed position on the lid conveyor) on each of the pan-strap(s). When the lid is in position, the pan-straps are released and travel to the oven.
  • Type of gripper.
    The lids are picked up with a magnet-gripper or with a mechanical gripper. Each type of gripper has its pros & cons. Radilinq masters both types of lid pick-up techniques and can use the best suitable for each individual situation.

The concept parameters for de-lidding.

  • Pick & place de-lidding.
    1 or more pan-straps with baked product are stopped in a fixed position. The de-lidder picks the lids up from the pan-strap(s) and places them on the lid conveyor. The pan-strap(s) are released and travel to the de-panner.
  • Combined pick & place de-lidding & depanning.
    The pick & place movement is combined to perform both tasks (de-lidding & depanning) at the same time on consecutive pan-strap(s). This way costs are saved and foot-print is minimized.
  • Type of gripper (for pick & place de-lidding).
    The same considerations as with lidding are applicable for de-lidding.
  • In-flow de-lidding.
    Besides pick & place delidding, also in-flow delidding is possible. The pan-straps with lids travel underneath the de-lidder. While moving forward, a chain with magnets gently lifts the lids up from the pan-straps and places them on the lid conveyor. The de-lidded pan-straps travel further to the depanner.

Radilinq also has dedicated lid conveyors and lid storage systems.

Radilinq lidders & delidders: lid on / lid off