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Product carrier – baking tray

The term baking tray covers a lot of different types of product carriers on which a wide range of products is baked. We use the term for:

  • Flat surface trays with curved edges (up or down).
  • Trays with indents in the surface (round, square, rectangular).
  • Trays with flutes (halve pipe, flat surface).

Surfaces can be perforated, coated, stackable. In other words, there are many, many different types of baking trays.

However, for Radilinq they are all the same in the sense that we provide the right type of systems and equipment to make sure all these types of trays produce a fantastic product.

We have made a standard lay-out concept for a line that uses a baking tray. No way that this lay-out will answer all your requirements and demands. But, the standard line concept shows you that jointly we can make one that does. Please see for yourself.

Radilinq: mastering all baking trays on the planet.