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RADILINQ LINE CONCEPT: Long proofing times (rack based)

The Radilinq line concept for products that require a long proofing time, like long shelf life croissants, is a worked-out concept that is flexible and versatile. It consists of several standardized systems that, together, automate a complete line. However, it is also possible to automate only a part of the line and use only 1 of these systems.

The division in systems gives you the choice where in the line to automate and where not. This way also the level of initial investment can be tailored to each situation. Every system includes line controls and a simple & logic HMI for all kinds of operators to work safely and efficiently with each individual machine.

The RadiLinQ line concept for long proofing times is based on the automatic movement of baking trays or pan-straps that are placed in manually moved racks.

System 1: From dough depositing rack loading

This system consists of:

  • The conveyor underneath the make-up line interacts with the in-line depositor or retracting belt to ensure a correct positioning of the dough piece on the trays or in the pans.
  • A conveyor that moves the trays/pan-straps to the rack loader.
  • A rack loader that automatically places the trays/pan-straps on the correct level of the rack.

After the loading of the rack, it is manually moved into the proofer.

System 2: To oven rack unloading.

This system consists of:

  • A rack unloader that automatically takes the trays/pan-straps from the levels of the rack. The racks are coming from the proofer and are manually placed in the rack unloader.
  • A conveyor that moves the trays/pan-straps to the oven loader.
  • An oven loader that places the trays/pan-straps with the correct configuration in the right time on the oven belt.

After unloading the rack is manually taken out of the unloader and a new rack is manually placed in it again.

System 3: From oven depanning & tray/pan-strap return or rack loading.

This system consists of:

  • An oven unloader that takes the baked bread on the baking tray or in the pan-strap timely from the oven belt to ensure an uninterrupted baking process. An emergency exit for baking trays is part of the design.
  • A conveyor that moves the trays/pan-straps to the depanner.
  • A depanner that removes the freshly baked breads from the trays/pan-straps to ensure a quality product. A needle depanner or a scrabble depanner are the standard line concept options. A scrabble-vacuum combined depanner is used for delicate products.
  • A conveyor that returns the empty trays/pan-straps to the dough positioning point.

Or a rack loader in which the empty trays/pan-straps are placed.

This system can be combined with a product conveyor to  cooler and a dry cleaner for the trays/pan-straps

Radilinq lines for long proofing times: proven technology for efficiency and profit.