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No carrier

The dough make-up line produces dough pieces that sometimes have to go directly to the next step in the process without being placed on a carrier. This could be a freezer but also proofer. In order to connect the dough make-up to the rest of the line, dough conveying is required.

Radilinq has developed a modular system for straight conveyors, up-down conveyors (for by-pass functions) and 45 & 90° curves especially for dough pieces. This includes various types of transfer units. All to make sure the dough piece reaches its destination in the original shape & position.

The Radilinq dough transport modules are all based on hygienic design and easy cleaning. All parts of the conveyors are easy to clean because they are easy to reach. Standard issue quick belt release, belt lift and open belt support allow hose-down wet cleaning and drying without the belt sticking to the conveyor frame. 

Radilinq dough conveyors are standard equipped with positive driven belts. These can be solid homogeneous belts or multi-layer woven belts. The positive drive has the advantage of:

  • No slipping of the belt.
  • Automatic guidance of the belt.
  • Lower belt tension which means no risk of pinching.

A standard woven belt with friction-based drive system is also possible.

RadiLinQ dough conveyors are standard available in effective product width of 600-800-1.000-1.200 mm. Different belt widths are possible but only on request.

Radilinq dough conveyors come in mobile or fixed-position execution. Stainless steel control cabinet and overhead cable trays are standard. So is the quick belt release for easy operation, cleaning and maneuvering as well as a scraper & drip-tray.  Additional such as water-scrapers, transfer-units, vertical switches are available in a wide range of executions.

Radilinq dough transport: simply delivering (dough pieces where & how you want them)