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Oven loading & deloading

Automation around a tunnel oven always involves an oven loader & unloader. 

For the best baked bread (of any kind), the belt of a tunnel oven needs to be loaded evenly and consistently. Radilinq provides the rhythm to move every row of baking trays or pan-straps on the oven belt at the right time. The result: an even & fully loaded belt allowing your oven to perform at its best.

For ovens it is inevitable that what goes in also goes out. Radilinq oven unloaders make sure that the bread also can come out of the oven: by moving each row of baking trays or pan-straps from the oven belt and out of the way for the next row. The rhythm of the unloader is in-tune with that of the loader. 

RadiLinQ oven loaders and unloaders:

  • Open, simple, sturdy, easy to inspect and maintain.
  • Off-the-ground design: large space from the floor.
  • With rollers or high temperature resistant belts.
  • No chains = no lubrication.
  • Stationary or moveable.
  • Stand alone (with control cabinet) or as part of a complete line.

Down-to-earth oven loading & unloading.

Radilinq oven loaders & unloaders: the rhythm of consistency and reliability.