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Product carrier – pan-straps

Automated toast & sandwich bread production requires a pan-strap. As sandwich and toast come in various sizes & weights, so do the pan-straps. Loafs of 400 gr., 600 gr. or 800 gr. require different pan sizes and therefore different pan-strap design. Then there is the use of lids or not that also needs to be considered in designing pan-straps

The product range of Radilinq is built up to facilitate the use of pan-straps in all shapes and sizes, lidded and unlidded. 

There is a Radilinq standard lay-out concept of a toast/sandwich bread line. This is meant as a 1st set-up from where a line tailored to your specific needs can grow. Please have a look at it.

As producing pan-straps is a specialized job, very different then building handling equipment, we are not doing this ourselves. We are however able to help you write down the design requirements and specifications to guide our partners to design the perfect pan-strap for your product.