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Rack loading & unloading

The focus on modular automation for any bakery has led Radilinq to develop a range of loaders, unloaders for single function or multiple functions combined in 1 system.

Single function.
For high capacity rack loading & unloading, single function units are the most suitable. The focus on 1 function allows the high speed needed to reach a capacity of 600-700 baking trays, peel-boards or pan-straps per hour (max. capacity will depend on carrier dimensions).

Radilinq high speed rack loaders and unloaders are complete units with infeed or outfeed conveyor, carrier positioning and transfer system. The foot print of a typical rack loader/unloader is ± 2.500 x 1.000 mm and can be placed anywhere in the bakery where it makes logistically most sense.

Combination of single use rack (un)loaders wit other machines is very common. For example, a rack unloader unloading the hot carriers on a conveyor to a depanner is for Radilinq a standard configuration.

Multiple functions.
When capacity requirements allow it, a rack loader/unloader can be a combination of various functions. Such as (just a few examples, there are many more possibilities):

  • Rack unloading with integrated depanning & bread transport.
  • Unloading & loading of the same tray in the same rack (with positioning of the carrier for dough pieces in between).
  • Rack loading with integrated scoring or decoration.

Indicatively, the capacity of such system is from ± 100 to 350 carriers per hour. 

Radilinq rack (un)loaders: modular automation for every bakery