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Scrabble depanning

Radilinq is a specialist in depanning and as such we are also a specialist in scrabble depanning. This technique is predominantly used for fragile, soft and therefore light products such as soft rolls, par-baked bread and dough pieces. 

A scrabble nose with moving belt and with a very small diameter (± 10 mm, including belt) gently scrabbles the product from the carrier or from the transport belt onto the scrabble belt. Where necessary, a counter-pressure belt or brush is used to make sure the product transferred onto the scrabble belt without changing position and damage. A scabble depanner only ‘touches’ the bottom side of the product so the surface and any decoration on it stays intact. 

Radilinq designs and supplies scrabble depanners for flat surface baking trays with or without a raised edge. We also have scrabble depanners for dough pieces on peel-boards.

Our scrabble depanners are known for its simplicity and ease of maintenance. Other features:

  • Silent & clean depanning: no noise, no damaging or loss of decorations.
  • Automatic belt tracking of the scrabble belt.
  • Automatic up & down movement of the nose in case of trays with a raised edge.
  • Hygienic design: open, easy to clean.
  • Quick release design for easy & fast exchange of the scrabble belt.
  • Compact design, small foot print with its own control cabinet

Hybrid depanner: Combining different ways of depanning in 1 machine.
Scrabble depanning is not suitable for all products coming off a line. In order to make the Radilinq scrabble depanner versatile and suitable for all products, a hybrid version is developed: a scrabble depanner with a vacuum chamber. The vacuum function is there to give products that are difficult to scrabble a small ‘lift’. This way the scrabble nose can get underneath the product without any damaging of these scrabble-sensitive products. In order to reduce the vacuum consumption as much as possible, a low power vacuum motor with controllable vacuum is used.

As depanning specialists, we can solve any depanning situation.