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Vacuum depanning

Using vacuum to lift a bread from its position on a tray or in a baking form is common practice. Radilinq designs and supplies both pick & place and continuous in-line vacuum depanners. However, we take vacuum depanning steps further by optimizing the process through clever ideas and clever design. The result:

  • Modified vacuum cups for a serious reduction in vacuum power needed to lift the product = lower costs and less noise.
  • Reduction of vacuum power needed allows for smaller filters.
  • One belt type for a wide range of patterns of products on trays.
  • Stepless height adjustment in combination with pivotal adjustment of the vacuum chamber (on continuous depanner).
  • Simplicity in operation & maintenance through pivoting bar execution (on pick & place depanner).
  • Standalone operation and moveable.

Combination of depanning techniques in 1 unit.
Radilinq also provides depanners that combine different depanning techniques. This way the same depanner can be used for different products making the Radilinq depanner very versatile & flexible.

Possible combinations:

  • Vacuum depanning with needle depanning.
  • Vacuum depanning with scrabble depanning.

As depanning specialists, we can solve any depanning situation.

Radilinq vacuum depanners: proven technology for versatile equipment.